ShodaVision is a full service video production company. From inception to completion, our
writers, producers, directors, and crafts people, will help any company, large or small, tell their
own distinct story in a simple, concise and beautiful way.

ShodaVision is the brainchild of Hollywood veteran Dan Shor with his assemblage of
experienced and highly trained film and television professionals. Dan has more than 30 years
experience in the business as an actor (20 feature films, 9 network series and mini-series, one
People’s Choice award), as a theatre director (8 LA theatre awards), and as a post-graduate film

ShodaVision was born from Dan’s 2003 sojourn to the South Pacific. There he ventured into a
new career creating short form documentaries for the Visitors Channels of Saipan, Guam, Tinian
and Rota of the Northern Mariana Islands.

Incorporated as ShodaVision, Dan has since created long-form documentaries, both narrative and
reality television series, music videos, and corporate video streams originating in the Mariana
Islands, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and New York. These have aired in the US,
China, Japan, Australia, the Philippines, and across the South Pacific, as well as the World Wide
Web. Critics have commended Dan’s fluid cinematic style, visceral narrative perspective, and
facile film technique.

With ShodaVision, Dan brings a film maker’s methodology to video production and a video maker’s
financial sensibility to feature film.  ShodaVision is ready to tell your story.
Dan Shor
Bringing Visions to Light
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